Predetermined Paths

Hey there,
Anyone know how I can create a predetermined path for an object to follow along using pathfinding?
I hope to have a system where the NPCs will follow a path set unique to each one, but I can’t get the system working.

Any help is really appreciated,
Thank you

I know very people can help you, please can put a scene screenshot to someone can help?
You look videos about path finding? Here is an example, maybe can help you!

Hey, thanks for the reply. I’m looking to add this path for my NPC: Screenshot by Lightshot

He should walk around but I can’t find an effective method without making the game super laggy, or disrupting different events. I’ve tried making several sprites and telling the pathfinding to travel there, but it can’t seem to find the route or fails to arrive at the location. I’ve even tried making a rectangle with points and still the same result.