Preload sounds & sound channel usage

I would like to preload the sounds in my game because the first time a sound is played, there is a delay.

Is this a bad way to do it?

Also, what is the proper use of sound channels in the game? If you have 10 sounds in a game, is it best to put each sound on a separate channel if some of them might play at the same time?

Thank you for your help! Merci!

[ I’m sure you are away of this, but “thee” in the above code should be “the”. :slight_smile: ]

When you play a sound, GD full loads it. When you play a music, GD loads it while the music is playing.
You are trying to preload sounds, load them at the beginning of the scene and then play them is a good idea I think, as long as I’m not wrong and GD doesn’t unload them at some time :wink:

I don’t play with sounds a lot, but I think sound channels should be used when two or more sounds needs to be played simultaneously, as you said :slight_smile:

Thanks, surely somebody will fix it (for example me if nobody do it soon :laughing: )