Press any key to start

When my game opens, there is a screen with instructions. I want to make sure nothing in my game runs until the player presses any key. When the player presses a key, the instructions should go away, and the game starts. What is the easiest way to make sure nothing else is running? Thank you.

You can use a variable GameStart.
If GameStart = 0 show instruction
If GameStart = 1 run the game
(you can check a GameSalad tutorial for this: … edev-14733)

Thank you, I watched some of the video, but it would be more helpful to me to have code examples using Game Develop.

Try this:
bee_remake.gdg (33.2 KB)
It’s partially finished. Use the graphics from the tutorial page.

The easiest way would be the create a scene named Instructions, which displays a picture of instructions, with a single event “if any key pressed then load scene xxx”. And put that scene at the begining of the scenes tree.

The second easiest way would be to put an event “if InstructionsSprite.opacity = 0” above all the events (to turn those into subevents), and use the opacity of the sprite InstructionsSprite as a “pause” feature (0 => game plays, 255 => game waits).
No need for a dedicated variable then.

A big thank you to all of you for your suggestions. I created the separate instructions scene, and this was easy and worked perfectly. This way I didn’t have to modify my existing code. I appreciate the terrific help of the members on this board.