Pressing Esc to apply changes, not canceling them

This isn’t really that important, but I think it would be nice:

When editing objects or scene properties, Esc is used to cancel changes, correct?

Well, this is good and all… But I think it’s inconsistent with this:

I think there should be an option to change the escape key behavior for other places too to act as a shortcut, so windows can be exited faster and more easily without having to manually click a button

Edit: I meant that it would be nice to have a keybind for saving changes and close the window while editing properties

Thank you for reading!


I agree: a key shortcut should be applicable across multiple screens. I’m placing your observation on the corresponding internal ticket.

However, after seeing your second image… I cannot stop wondering why would someone choose to apply changes by pressing an escape button? (you probably did it for the example only?)
It seems like a contradiction to me. I’d rather press enter to apply changes and esc to cancel.

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Hi Luni, I agree that the escape key is not intuitive but that second pic is from the preferences for using the escape key to apply changes when editing an event inline.

But when a condition or action window is open, there’s no way of applying the changes with a keyboard shortcut. Pressing enter either makes a new line in a text field or does nothing. So I think that atabynho is making the suggestion for the escape key because it’s already used for that in other places and the enter key is for modifying values.


It came as the default option for me, I didn’t change it

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I have a bug that has to do with canceling object editing.
A created behavior is not deleted if I cancel.

Oh. That’s not ideal!
Could you please point me to the bug report (if you could find it) so I can foreward to the engineers please? :slight_smile: