Prevent multi selection from group of items

I took card game and i customized it,
When the game starts the placeholder randomized the cards:

The issue is that i have group of 5 cards and the user should click and chose only one card … but i can see the user can also click and open the other cards …

how i will make it if the user already selected one card! the other cards from the same group will not be clickable …

Create a scen variable .
At the begin, force variable = 0
You can select a card if the value is 0.
Whene the player selected a card, force the varaible to 1.

i didn’t get it :frowning: can you explain more or help me to solve it ?

This is what i added

I suppose that your problem is to understand if one card is turned.
So, craete a scene variable ; example “one_is_turned”.
Add the condition “one_is_turned” = o when you check left mouse button.
add the action “one_is_turned” = 1 when the card animation = 1
add the action “one_is_turned” = 0 when the card animation = 0

i did it by this function …