Preventing webpage scrolling

I was going to put I-Flier on Newgrounds, but there’s a problem. Whenever I press up or down to control the player, the webpage scrolls up and down, making it very difficult to control the player. On my Itch.Io page, I had to set it so that the game goes into fullscreen when you run it, but that option is not available on Newgrounds. Could you add a feature that turns off webpage scrolling?

Why don’t just add the fullscreen functionality to the game itself, in two events you can do it.

Then in some options screen or controls screen of your game just add something like
Press F to go fullscreen.

As far as I know, this is already implemented as much as it can be, but different sites implement different controls and restrictions around this.

You can read more about the change from b109 here: Cancel default behavior from browsers when keyboard is used by Bouh · Pull Request #2589 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub