Preview differs from exported game?


Mobile game APK for Samsung/S22 test device

Hey, I’m currently dealing with 2 annoying bugs. The problem is that these bugs are not visible in the preview, and everything functions correctly. However, once I export the game and start it on my phone, the 2 bugs are present.

First bug: I have a button to enable and disable the sound. In the preview, everything works perfectly, and the button animation changes along with the sound. However, in the exported APK, once you press the button once to turn off the sound, it becomes invisible, and it only becomes visible again when you press it again in the invisible area.

Second bug: In the APK of my game, the background is missing. It’s just the default gray background as if nothing was added. However, in the preview, everything is correct and visible. There are also 3 other scenes in the game with the same background, but there is no issue there, and everything functions properly.

For both Bug 1 and Bug 2, there are no pixel sizes of 2000 or higher that would prevent a phone from loading them. The largest element is 1620 x 1920 (background).

I can gladly provide code screenshots if they could be helpful. However, if anyone already has an idea of why the preview shows a different result than the main game, I would appreciate any advice :slight_smile:




The bug that could be occurring in the exported game could be the problem from the GDevelops build system. This is because the GDevelop build system is trying to turn an HTML into an APK in which the system needs to make a lot of changes so that it is runnable on mobile. The code you provided works well, so if you encountered a problem when playing the exported game, I would just recommend using a different exporting method or export the game again.