Preview is missing objects


I’m revisiting a platformer I made this summer because I would like to create an html5 version of it. Yesterday, when I tested it everything seemed to be working fine. Today however, everything looked good before previewing it, but when I do preview it many of the platforms and other elements are missing. When I jump, the platform I am standing on disappears as well.
I had a similar issue this summer but I was able to fix it by reinstalling gDevelop. However, this is not fix the issue now.

Any advice?
Thank you

I’ve been experimenting a bit and if I move the player character before starting the preview the environment around them appears but if they jump the platforms start to disappear still.

I believe the destroy objects outside of screen function has been changed. After deleting it from my objects the game works correctly again.

This behavior “Delete outside of screen” delete forever the object.
If you wish use this for disable the visibility the engine made it for you, and when the object is near the viewport the engine show on the object.

Without more informations we can’t do anything.
This can help :

  • A video
  • Share here the project file reduced to a minimum to isolate the problem. (Delete everything in the project who have nothing to do with the bug)
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I have a similar issue except it seems to be related to hiding/showing layers on collision with a certain object. The object itself and related events is not the problem because it works as intended on a different scene, which uses the exact same function.

When I delete the hidden layer and move all objects to the base layer, they are visible (as expected, but not desired) on preview. I have tried deleting and recreating the layer that is meant to be hidden, but run into the same problem of the objects on this layer remaining hidden. They are still there because I’m able to collect them, I just can’t see them.

I’m trying to make a video or something, but edits for the most relevant bits are taking a while.

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Okay, I hope this isn’t too confusing…I tried to include different previews for the things mentioned in my last post and reduced the number of frames, so it’s going to be choppy and the timing might be too fast or slow, sorry.

Some content is a spoiler for a few new things coming too; couldn’t avoid it though :\


I sort of got it working, just not exactly as intended. Maybe I had too many objects on the layer or something, although I’m not aware of any maximum on the amount, but it seems to work better with less. I also completely nixed using the original “special” layer and opted for a different one instead.

My guess is that sometimes layers get corrupted for some reason unbeknownst to me and the show/hide feature stops working properly. A similar thing happened with my old help section - it had nothing to do with the events, layer order, z order or anything like that. It just stopped showing/hiding certain layers. Deleting and recreating them doesn’t work - it has to be a completely new layer and different name.