Preview is not loading, not even showing the black screen with the percentage (Solved!)

Hello, i’m really new in Gdevelop and game developing in general. I was trying to make a commercial game it’s still in a very early stage. All was fine with the preview function until very recently, when i try to preview a scene the load symbol keeps floating without ever displaying the screen of preview, it doesn’t even show the typical black screen with the progressive percentage. I tried checking the default tutorial projects and some other exported projects but they indeed previewed correctly. I was then considering if my json file was corrupted so i tried coding the project all over from scratch until making the code very similar to the original but the preview issue was still present. Considered as well if it was a problem with my notebook but when i checked in a different pc the issues of preview were the same. I uninstalled and installed respectivelly the 93, 89 and 98 betas of Gdevelop 5 expecting some change but t’was in vain. So far i’m considering if It’s the code of my game, I’m not an expert and surely committed a mistake but I hope some of y’all could hopefully bring me some assistance here, please. Here’s a link to my project folder for references, the name of the json file that leads to the main game is called “Mig game.json” btw.

EDIT: Thank you folks, I already solved it thanks to the reply of the user Gorguruga.

I tried disabling “Include events from stage 1” in the “Continue?” scene and now preview works:

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Thank you, it means a lot!

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