Preview runs badly on 2019 MacBook Pro

How do I…

I started developing a digital card/board game. When I run the preview on my rather old pc, it runs absolutely flawless in 4K.

When I do the same on my MacBook Pro (MacBook Pro (16 Inch, 2019), 2,3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9, MD Radeon Pro 5500M 4 GB, Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB, 16 GB RAM) it stutters really bad. I cannot imagine that the MacBook is too weak since the scene does not contain a large amount of objects and my pc is far from being up to date, let alone a gaming pc.

Edit: MacBook Pro runs latest Ventura and Gdevelop release.

However, I did not find anything in the preferences nor in this forum. Any hints are greatly appreciated! :pray:

What is the expected result

Preview should run as smoothly as on pc.

What is the actual result

Preview has bad performance, constant stuttering/slow down.

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Screenshot wouldn’t help.

Project files (optional)

Insert a minimal game showing your issue in a .zip or .rar.

How do you run your game exactly? On or did you build your game using a specific platform configuration? Try building your game on your Mac Pro and try this version.

I just hit the preview button. I created the project initially on a windows pc, saved it in a github repo and cloned this to my MacBook.

I just used the preview button so far, I haven’t explicitly built the project on any platform.

I’m using the respective desktop version of gdevelop.

Do you have issues with other projects when using GDevelop on your Mac? Or do you have issues only with this particular project?

Good question! It’s the only I built so far. But I’ll download some of the demo projects and will check.

@thomas_gysemans, I tried a few projects I found online and it is indeed just my project.

I created it it for a 4k screen, but my MacBook does not have a 4k display. Could it be possible that the downscaling that needs to take place makes it behave like that?

Honestly I don’t know, try downscaling it then, if possible