Preview / Test Scene Questions:

1. When I launch preview of the game (the Play Button) there is always a GDevelop top bar menu, how do I get rid of it while testing?

2. What is the secret hotkey to preview the scene?

  • In most game engines it’s F5 for preview and F6 for debug preview

Thanks ahead! :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s a preview hotkey, but you can hit CTRL+P to pull up the command window and select launch preview with the arrow keys/enter.

Bummer, I couldn’t even found the main hotkeys manager in GDevelop… if there is one at all.

Also CTRL+P does nothing (I’m using the latest version).

It is experimental, you have to activate it in the preferences.
But yes it takes more time than without the command palette.

That gives hope

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Thanks for the explanation, I voted :slight_smile:

I am just starting GDevelop Development, and this was the FIRST thing I looked for.

I too instinctively hit the F5 key with no success. Then came here to see which key Preview was assigned to. I now see that it ISN’T. :disappointed:

Please add this ASAP.


Hi I think the default key if F4 btw you can change almost every shortcut go to Preferences in the 3rd tab and setup as you like for example I use CTRL+R to preview

I think in the latest versions it’s:
F4 = Preview
F6 = Debug Preview

I wish we could add more hotkeys for the Events and other sections, some hotkeys are still missing but I hope it’s coming in the upcoming versions.