Preview tiles traversed in turn-based game

Hi! I’m planning to recreate a favourite board game of mine in GDevelop. I’m a near complete noob btw.

I’ve played with GDevelop and am trying to work out how I would show the player which tiles they would traverse in order to get to their target tile. Much like this screenshot I found shows:

Basically, if I am hovering my cursor over a given tile, how can I get GDevelop to highlight all the tiles I will traverse in order to reach that tile (avoiding obstacles etc)?

I’d be grateful for an outline of the logic and steps to do this.

The pathfinding behavior searches an available path and then you can get the path points, so you could get each path point and search the closest tile to this point, if you find all the tiles under the path points you get the tiles path, something like (pseudo-events):

[code]Search a path to DestiniX ; DestinyY

For each point in path:
Pick nearest tile to point >> Change tile animation[/code]

Thanks for the quick reply! When I give it a try I’ll let you know how it goes.

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