Preview without previous save

Hello everyone! I have problem that in my game, i want to preview without previous saves i mean i want to preview game as zero but i dont want to delete my save events.Second thing, is there any offline android packager available anywhere to make an apk…Any suggestions would be appreciated :+1::blush::relaxed:

You won’t have to delete your save events, but you will have to delete your save if you want to do that, you’d need to do an event that has the “running as preview” condition, and the “clear a storage” action.

APK isn’t supported by most Android devices anymore (it’s pretty much all AAB for store compatibility), but yes you can still build one using the manual instructions at the bottom of this page: Publishing games [GDevelop wiki]

You’ll need Cordova and the Android SDK tools, though.

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is there any file which we can access and delete it so every thing remains normal.I think that i watched somewhere in tutorial,but now i can’t figure it out…

How complex are your load events? If they’re not so complex that you have to do this 20 times, you can toggle them disabled then they just won’t load. Another thing I do is have 2 sets of load events in the beg of scene. One is normal if the file exists, load it and do this stuff, the other is, if file exists, delete file. Then I can toggle whichever one I don’t want to disabled during testing, or toggle enabled to see save events working etc.

Edit to say I don’t actually do this with the file system, just the other one that says existence of group or something similar.