Any way to change which web application previews the web platform games made in GD? My default web app is Google Chrome but with the new version, all I see is a black screen.

I have only just started using the software and following the tutorial came across this same issue. Preview doesn’t seem to work for any browser. I have tried it on ie 11 and chrome both result in a black screen. Also the tutorial content is not in synch with the software. The beginner tutorial instructs you to choose the mouse option that doesn’t exist under sprites>direction. I like the software but can’t continue with it as it is.

There are no mouse option under Sprite>Direction at all (never since the software exists).

For the black screen problem, can you open the dev console (from the webbrowser) and tell us what is written in it (Control -Shift -J to open it under Chrome). Notice that you should try to clear the browser’s cache (it could solve the problem).

It seems that has been solved now. It’s not appearing with just black anymore. Game is running fine :slight_smile: