Print and save the screen

Hi. Is it possible to print and to save the screen or a part of it as an image, or better as a pdf?

There’s an action:

Any method to print directly from the game?

Maybe you can use the open file action to open a file manager and print from there. :man_shrugging:

It’s a shame that we can’t directly print the game window.
I saved my file but I don’t arrive to open it with open file action.
Actually I can’t open any file with this action.

No, you can’t do that.
You need to build the path using the blue button on the right.
Click on the button, go to Filesystem and use the path delimiter instead of the slashes, and use the available folders if you wish.

It works thank you.
Actually, it is possible to open the print dialog box directly from the game by using window.print() javascript function

Does anyone know how to parameter this? ie define the print format?
And does anyone know how to save screenshots as pdf file not as png file?