Privacy police with Admob

I intend to launch a game on Google Play Store that will use Admob, but I don’t know how to create a privacy police.
How can I create one?
How do I write one?
And finally, I don’t have a game company, can I create an individual privacy police about just me(even if I use a nickname)?

You can use free and online privacy policy creators (for example)

  1. Free Privacy Policy | FormsTemplates



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Vithor, if your game does not acquire personal user data and if your game does not hold or disclose sensitive data, then you can simply write it a simple sentence like I did for my games. You create a free site offered by “” and write it there. The link of that site will indicate it in the Play-Store games card.

I did this and the Google Play store went well:

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But what about the device info?
Doesn’t Admob and Google Analytics get info about the user’s IP, OS, etc?

Admob and Google Analytics have their own privacy. For example, there would be the privacy of this other developer, but it still claims to acquire data from the device where its app was installed, even if they are stored in the app itself, in my case my app does not acquire anything or store anything from Nowhere. The only data exchanged with the user are made by Admob and Google Analytics, which have their own privacy and which I have indicated both on the store page and (now) on my page.