Problem deleting only one object

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I’m trying to make a system where, when you right-click, it only deletes the plant that is glued/next to the mouse and not the plants that are already planted.
I’ve tried everything, but it always deletes all the plants in the scene.

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Then i do not get why you use for each?
If you want to just delete ONE plant i would just check if cursor is on that plant and if the variables i of that plant are what i want them to be
Then i would just delete that plant in action and condition with trigger once

Ah, I left it for each, to see if it would change the result, but apparently not. With or without for each, it gives the same result.
Even if the plant that is planted has a true variable and the other plant at the cursor is false, it deletes them both

Use “Point inside object CursorX():CursorY()” instead of pick nearest.

I tried it now, and it gave the same result

  1. Check if their collision masks are not super big
  2. Why are you deleting it with trigger once? It should not be needed
  3. Do it outside the “for each object”
  1. Be sure you are not using “pick nearest object”


But from what I saw, the collisions were bugged, so I fixed them and it was the same

Is there any other event responsible for deleting plants that also uses “RMB released”?

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Simple way to check what Reborn is asking above
Delete condition with RMB released and put there Z key is pressed
Also you are missing Trigger once on bottom of your conditions

Thank you, it really was the fault of another event that I did in a dirtier way!

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