Problem exporting to WIN

Hi there, i wanted to try how will the game look and when i export the game this line comes on build and dowloand
Error: EROFS: read-only file system, mkdir ‘/worker/app-aa3b65e4-6401-4b48-9717-85a0641ed7f5’ :confused: How to fix that?

Which exporter are you using?, if it’s a local export check if the exporting folder has writing permissions, the error says “read-only file system” :slight_smile:

I am using Windows/macOs/Linux (beta) and on stage 3 the line come up

Then check the folder you’ve chosen to export, the folder needs write permissions.

I mean this.

Then it seems like a bug, a problem in the server side :frowning: , I’ll try to reproduce it, in the meantime you can open an issue on GitHub if you want (I’ll do it later if I get the same error).

Ran into the same issue when trying to export Linux AppImage:
Error: EROFS: read-only file system, mkdir ‘/worker/app-5be81dba-fee2-4b16-bd95-031ce7f08c72’

Hey guys, sorry for the disruption! The worker doing the compilation of games should be back to normal and everything should work smoothly now :slight_smile:
I have identified what was the error and will make sure that it’s not happening again! (it was a problem of disk space)