problem getting ladder working

I’ve done the platformer tutorial and I’ve added custom keys for the movement as an exercise.
So I have an action:
Space key is pressed → simulate pressing up for player
Player is jumping → do=1 to the number of the current animation

This is working. But now I want to add moving up on a ladder.
Up key is pressed → simulate pressing ladder key for player
Player is on ladder → do =1 to the number of the current animation

But this doesn’t show any animation, I guess because even if you press the ladder key, the action can be unsuccessful if there is no ladder. So how can I assign sprites a ‘ladder’ property and make this work?

Ok, I found in the example platformer that you have to add Platform as automatism to the ladder sprite and then choose as type ‘ladder’.

If you then want to move up the ladder, you have to have as event:
Up key is pressed → Simulate pressing Up for player; Simulate pressing Ladder key for player


Very helpful - particularly when adding an up button for mobile / virtual controls