Problem in comparing the x y position of the cursor

hi guys i’m creating a platform game with the ability to shoot based on where the cursor is placed.
I have a problem when the value to compare is x and y , I am attaching a photo to make you understand the error.
if I disable “up” and “right” … “up / right” works correctly but if I re-enable them the bullet only goes left or right and ignores me when I want to shoot towards the “up / right” angle.
I hope for your help!

you are using the same conditions and your events are in the same “level”.
learn how sub-events work, and use it. (see wiki)
but it will not be enough, because there is also a match between the X and Y position check conditions. you need to make it even clearer.

When you press up and right, the actions for right are executed first, so the timer gets reset, so the timer condition for the up/right block is false.

how should I then shoot towards the angle “up/right”?
I noticed that if I decrease the timer I can shoot towards that corner but if I press the button to shoot after the preset timer it ignores the command and shoots to the right

As @Gyuszko said, you need to use sub-events to avoid conflicts.

If X > 123
— If Y < 456, do this.
— If Y >456, do that.

thanks guys I managed, you are great