Problem in platformer.

My first game just got released! You can play it here: ( I had to remove many levels because of some errors. I will be adding the levels back one by one)

I know that this is not the forum I should talk about these things. But I have a problem in my game.

The problem is that you need to click on the ninja a few times to get the game started. Why? Please help.

I guess, it is because the canvas element is not in focus and you need to click it to set the focus manually. Instead of start the game straight away, you can create a menu and add a “Start Game” button that need to be clicked to start the game and that way set the canvas to be in focus.

What are the directions to upload a game?

A couple of comments:

  1. The “idle” animation for the ninja cycles a bit quickly, I think. It makes him look like he’s breathing heavily or out of breath before he’s even done anything.
  2. There’s a nasty camera jerk when you change between standing and running. Is the running sprite wider than the standing sprite? Changing the origin to the centre, rather than top left, may help.

Thanks for your feedback, I made the idle animation a bit slower (hopefully). As for the camera jerk, unfortunately, your solution didn’t help. I will try and figure out the solution anyway.
Thanks again.