problem in sound


i try to play sound when player reach area , i used ogg file , now to ensure the Condition to happen one time only i used 2 variables . but even i have problem with sound like continues sound , here is the events

Strange, just looking the picture I can’t see any problem, are you sure there are no events that set the variable “just_one” = 0 again?

And if youuse “Play music” from the music category instead of “play sound” ?

very strange today the sound work back everything normal , but now the sound only play if i open new new in browser or change the focus from tab to tab !!! or when click on close browser !!! i try on two PC’S !!!

YES i did that , the same issue …

this is only the area where i use just_one variable …

Here is the project
test1235.rar (2.67 KB)

The resources are missing in your rar, we can’t test.

By the way, have you tried to play a sound that is in the same folder as your project ?

This is the second problem when I make save as the process dosn’t save resources in folder !!!

About your question. No in other folder … :imp:

here is the project with resources …
test1235.rar (14.2 KB)

no body want to help ???!!! the project in my last comment :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I’ve tested the preview on Windows 7 32bits (Firefox and Chrome) and Ubuntu 14.04 32bits (Firefox and Opera 12), and exported it on Windows, there is no sound problem at all…
In the example you share the action that prevents playing the sound again is missing (Do = 1 to variable just_one of Player), I’ve added it and everything works fine without switching tabs, close the browser or anything :confused:
*Not tested on Android