Problem liv

Hi guys I wanted to know I was able to complete the first level with all the animations the map enemies etc. I wanted to know is it possible to change scene? And create a new level with the enemies that move eg liv 1 liv 2 liv 3?

My question is how can I change the scene? From level 1 to level 2? What commands do I have to use? Is there a specific string?

Thanks for any answers trying on youtube I could not find anything unfortunately.

I have a suggestion
when you finished the level 1, you defeated a boss or something, a portal or a door will appear…then
PLAYER is in collision with PORTAL > change the scene to level 2

just like that… hope this helps :slight_smile:

something is missing? Does not work anyway it is obvious that a part of the code is missing? Thank you anyway for the help. I attach the screen of what I have been able to do so far.

What is/are the parents events ?

How many objects “endLiv” on the scene ?

relatives? Only an image at the end of the level must go from one scene to the other you can by chance attach a small example of how to do it? Thank you anyway for your prompt reply. And sorry for any mistakes I’m using google translator.

What you did is right, if your scene is really “scena2”, and if it exists, it should work.

What is the parent event here ??

Hi, thanks for the answer but I can not understand what you mean by relative degree? Can you find an updated guide on how to change scene? I tell you what i want to do first of all then when my character arrives at the end of the map click on the image and so must change the level the problem is that this works does not work with the simple collision code.

In simple words I wanted an image to click and create a new map with its level all from 0 is it possible or is it limited to a single scene this program?

Thanks again for help by using the search button I could not find anything.

Practice with the practice I try to improve but not easy.

I don’t understand all you have written, but : yes, you can have multiple scenes.

Take a look on the example.
scene.gdg (8.06 KB)

Thanks for the practical example however on my platform does not work i can not understand why.

I also attach a short video.

What I want to do is that when the castle is selected it has to start the new “scene2” map the problem is that it does not work.

Sorry I’m still not practical

Try this.
Instead of putting it on sub event. Put it as an event
Also check the spelling ,
Use a variable as a trigger

Yes, just remove it from subevent

Yes, I think it’s the problem. The event to change scene has the condition “cursor over EndLiv”, but it’s a sub-event of event 28, which has the condition “cursor over JumpButton”. In summary, to change the scene the cursor has to be over JumpButton and EndLive at the same time, maybe it isn’t possible? :neutral_face:

Now I’m sorry that this is a new territory for me is complicated to be able to do something and even a little gesture is already a result.

Thank you.

Now I try to catch the code and see how it goes