Problem of Boolean for each object

Been trying to use Boolean to detect whether the new cloud if created?
if created, create a clock object on the cloud.

But the clock is not created as shown as the picture…
Please guide me. Thanks guys

Try removing the question mark you added to that variable just name it newcloud or newCloud.
Also when you create a new cloud set the variable to true/false according to your needs

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Why do you use the action “pick random object”?
Looks like it serves no purpose and might mess things up.

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Because I have many objects inside a group though, and I want different thing to show up.

Thanks for the advice, it can be done, but suddenly, it create random clock at random place, not on top of the cloud

this is not how it works.
You must have noticed, that its always the same could created,right?

pick random only considers objects in the scene and picks one of them.
to get a random creation you need to use
Create Objects from its name.
say, you have your group of clouds
before you create it, you set a variable to randominrange(1-to your max number of coulds)
the coulds need to be named could1, cloud2, cloud3 etc
then on creation you use create object “could”+VariableString(random)

A better solution would be to give your clouds 1 animation for each could sprite.
then you just change the animation of the cloud to randominrange.
so that you have only 1 could object.

Oh I see, learnt something new though. Alright, I changed the code though…

But something still wrong.

The big clock appears suddenly, I have resized it though…
Can you help me see through? Thanks for helping!

please change your OR condition.
its horrific to always check if the scene started …
have at the beginning of the scene as event, and your timer as another.
As for your big Clock, im not sure, why some are not resized. could be a naming issue.
But generally, its much much better to have them in a gameready size already, so you dont need to resize anything.