Problem of transparency with the decor


I have a small problem with gdevelop. I made my layers with my sprites but my objects are like transparent… How to solve this problem? I couldn’t find anything on the subject sincerely

Is the z order of the cabinet higher than the bottom of the wall?

above yes. it is at 1 and the background is at -2

And the background layer isn’t above the layer that the cabinet is on (on the layer window in the scene editor)? Also are there any layer/sprite effects or changes to opacity?

Each object is on a different layer. Being a beginner I did not add any effect to the layers

So you haven’t changed any of the sprite opacities either?

No, I discover as I learn and this is my first brake :sweat_smile:

Ramgal, did you check this? Is the furniture layer higher in the layer list than the wall layer?


Also, is your wall drawing just lines with a transparent background?

Yes, I do have the supplies above the background in my layers.

I found ! I had created a gamma with GIMP but instead of just creating my gamma area GIMP made even the base image invisible. I redid the gamma with Krita and everything is good! Thank you so much for your help :smiley:

Phew glad you figured that out, I was stumped on what could have gone wrong. :joy:

Yes, I turned that around in my head, I said to myself "but I did everything correctly, I have bad luck!"XD. Now, I just have to find how to make a loop system to do like shantae on gameboy.