Problem positioning line

Hey, I am making a game in which I want my object to originate a line that changes its length with time when mouse click so problem comes when I am originating the line from the primitive drawing object my line comes to be far away from my drawing object position in scene even the starting X and Y axis (from where the line should start) are set to be the drawing object X and Y then also problem continuous.
Plz help.

Try checking

Thanks but this option is default and I have already tested it. When I remove draw from relative position the line is not showing in the scene.

Sure that is what i mean, is better in your game situation to not draw relative to the drawer, instead draw relative to de mouse or object position. If you could share some screenshot of you event would help to understand what are you trying to do.

Thanks for help my problem is sorted out. I just have to remove that tick from draw from relative position and change the starting position of line. Thanks