Problem screen android

Еxport intel xdk Crosswalk
1 android start game
2 need to flip the screen

3 After becoming normal fullscreen

Did you try to activate fullscreen using the Fullscreen action?


Ok, and you’re using latest version of GDevelop?


OK, which model of phone do you have? Can’t replicate issue on my LG E430. Also, if possible, post GD file that shows this issue after export.

Model Motorola Moto X Android 4.4.4.
GD export hmtl5 web
Crosswalk settings

Disable all plugins

apk file

Set ‘orientation’ to portrait to force the game starting in this orientation :slight_smile:

Problem remained

Honestly I don’t understand why it fails, I use this method with GDevApp games (orientation set to portrait with game set as full screen, the default option now) and it works perfectly :frowning:

Just to be sure… Are you just enabling the “Fullscreen option” (check box) in the XDK exporter?, or are you using the in-GD “Fullscreen action” (through events), as 4ian said in the first message? :slight_smile: