Problem with actions cancelling each other out

For example, when trying to switch from scene to scene by mouse click, one click triggers all scenes to flash by at once.

Or, when trying to have a button play a sound then switch scenes, it skips the sound entirely and just goes straight to the next scene.

What condition do I have to place to keep this from happening?

These are two different issues.
For the first one, replace “click is pressed” by “click is released”, it should do the trick.
For the second one, two actions in a same block are executed at the same time. You need to move the scene change to another block and add a condition to check that the sound is finished.


But this will only work twice, won’t it? Because after the second time the commands bleed into each other again.

The second solution worked, thanks a lot

Hm no, works fine for me.
Screenshot your events so we can see what’s wrong.

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