Problem with AI shooting

When I add more than one enemy, only one shoots at a time. I need them all to shoot at once. Can anyone help me with that?

Try a for each loop:

Don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but didn’t work ;((

really need help. can’t figure it out

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I really can’t spot your mistake if you don’t show your events :slightly_smiling_face:

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I dont mean to laugh at you but I was also facing the same problem. LOL:joy::joy::rofl:
BTW I created many enemies like enemy2, enemy3 enemy4 and copy pasted the events for all of them just changing the name. BTW YOUR EVENTS AND MY EVENTS look the same . The purpose looks the same too. I am a noob BTW.
Btw maybe i can help too

BTW if you need pathfinding then i got you covered too. LOL

Edit: Still doesnt work properly but works somewhat for me

If you have to copy-paste events like that, there’s usually a cleaner solution.
Why not use a triangle group? It would do the same.

Oh yes there I have made a triangle group but dont know if it worked or not! I think it brought some weird bugs I think ! But I dont remember

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Does’t work :(( Maybe you could send me that file with those event?

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I copy pasted the events. I have sent you all my shooter events in photo. Works for me.

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