Problem with animations

hello, another problem has just arisen, and I’m skeptical about having my character collide with the magician, I want him to change the animation to one with his mouth open, which I have made him walk, but when he collides with the magician, he stops animation to only the first image. I feel if you do not understand me well, I translate it with the google translator.

Hi, check the settings for the animation on the sprite. #3 may need to be looped if there are multiple frames and then, you might also need to add another ‘change animation’ action to put him back to the one you want.

i think you should add the animation change to the event with trigger once.
Then check if animation is still playing before playing another animation or start a trigger and for 0,5 second pause the movement of your game

I did not understand very well what they wanted to tell me. Here I leave a video where I better explain the problem I have, because when doing colison the animation is not play, only the first image of the animation and it is looping.


ok i understand your problem now
Let me see the video later on computer.
I think i know which could be the problem but i’m not sure

as suspected your problem is that you change animation when coliding with Mago you change the animation to 3 but in the loop then you change animation to 0 or to 1.

So I would try this:
1- At the beginning of scene set value of scene variable Mago=0
2- Add condition variable Mago=0 to 2 first conditions in red
3- Set Mago =1 at condition personaje2 in collision with mago
4- Set the animation =3 in the same condition and delete the last personaje2in collision with mago
5- add a condition animation is finished (i think is the name) or start a timer in the above condition and when the animation finished or timer > 1 second for example set mago=0 again
Maybe there is a better option to check the animation finished but I don’t know

Go to Player > Edit object > Animation ? > Loop