Problem with change animation

Hello, I searched the forum and couldn’t find an answer to this strange problem. I am creating a platform game. I have an enemy, using player behavior, that I already managed to change animation between stand and walk. However, when I tried to switch to a third animation, death, it is not activated. I tried to use “trigger once” in the previous conditions, to resolve conflict between the previous animations and this new one, but in this case, when the animation changes, it stops in the first frame! I tried to create a variable to activate this animation, but the problem continues, every time I put the trigger once in the conditions, the animation stops in the first frame! I also tried to use names instead of numbers in the animations, but the problem was repeated.

How can I solve this? It even looks like an Engine Bug!

Hi, where is your third animation in the event sheet?

Hi, thanks for responde me. Yes, it is the third animation. Whenever I try to call more than two animations per sprite the same problem happens. I tried to use External Events, but the same thing happens.

Okay, so you can switch between animation 0 and 1 at the moment?

(I am asking because you wrote that you have problems to get animation no. 2 running. It is however not shown in your event sheet how you implemented that).

Here is the activation of the third animation. As I said before, I tried to make conditions to activate the animation, but even activating directly as in this example the problem remains.

“Bullet” in this case is the shot given by the player, which he would activate by hitting the enemy’s hitbox

I am not sure if it has any effect on your problem but you are changing a variable “ValideMovimento” and for animation 2 you change a variable “movimento”. Are these supposed to be the same?

Have you tried to trigger the animations directly, without the variables?

Well, the Variable “Movimento” has no effect on the animation, it is there to activate the enemy’s movements. The variable “ValideMovimento” was created because I thought that if activated by a variable, and not directly, it would solve the issue but it didn’t work. So much so that in the last one I sent you, I’m trying to activate directly, but it just doesn’t work. There seems to be an animation conflict, but I don’t know how to resolve it. As I understand it, to avoid this, I should put the “trigger once” for each condition that calls an animation. But when I did that, what I described happened, all the animations that I put “trigger once” run only the first frame of animation.

I have just checked that with a small scene and for me it works. I have a player character with an idle (1), move (0) and death animation (2). If I click the left mouse button the “death” animation plays.

Okay, I’ll try to redo it in a small project like you did, and test if it works, thank you very much!

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