Problem with collision


Here I have a little trouble with the collision in my game. I create an event “Player collides with Wall” → “Separate Player from Wall (Only Player will move)”. The problem is that the character still happens to cross the walls (if I go against the wall without “insisting”, the character is teleport outside the wall)

I do not know if it’s very clear but I would like some help please :slight_smile:

your player had diferent sprites when move? all the collision mask of the sprites had the same size? i come a cross a similar problem cuz my sprites collision mask size, also u can use predefined vehaivor for player and platforms if u want to speed up a little bit the process

I used sprite trim with gdevelop and resize each image. That would come from that?

If all your sprites dont had the same size hitbox your character will clipping on the walls if is that what you mean, or maybe im are a bit lost in what you try to say, or can you post a pic of the pice of code that you describe :slight_smile:

If an object is moving fast enough then it can get into the wall before the collision detection notices and if it is past halfway into the wall the “separate two objects” action won’t push it back to where it came from, it will push it forwards making it look like it teleported through the wall.

Ok i get it now, but i need to see that part of code to find where the problem is :stuck_out_tongue: