Problem with create object

Im trying to create an object at player´s position when jumping , but when i jump the object is not created at the players position.

I see that it gets created at the lower part of the screen, does your player object use a custom hitbox/another object for it’s hitbox? The coordinates aren’t synced, try removing the force, and test if it creates the object on the player’s head part.

Player object use the default hitbox , i tried removing the force but is still doing the same thing. I tried to create the object on the center point of the player but still not working.

Check the “bola” object Origin point, it should be at the centre (or at least at the same position than the Centre point). Also I can’t see the second image, so not sure what’s goin on :confused:

The Origin point its the same as Center .
This is what is happening
Btw i think the problem is related to the layers.

Sounds like the ball isn’t in the same layer than the player, yes.

You are right , thank you so much :slight_smile: