Problem with creating objects

Hi, everyone. I have a problem with creating objects.

I want to create an object when player punching. So I added an image’s point where is the punch is. I can create the object where I want but a problem is there is always the second object is creating top left of the player object.

It doesn’t happen when use the centre point. Only when added points. (doesn’t matter where is it)
The punch animation consists of two parts, the punch(0) and the idle(1).

These are what I tried.

-Used new images.
-Deleted all events-actions and use simple create object action.
-Tried GDevelop Tutorials. Simple shooter game and How To Make Player Attack And Shoot Projectiles. (They both work fine btw)

I’m new in this thing and I tried everything I know so i need your help. Can you tell me what cause is this and how can I fix it.

Thank you for reading.

Have you created the image point for each animation and the name of the point is correct?

If the image point you are referring to doesn’t exist it might return 0 and so the object get created at position 0,0 which is the top left corner of the object. So my first guess would be the image point either doesn’t exist or typed the name wrong.

First of all thank you so much. Yes, I didn’t have image’s point (i created) in every animation. Because in this tuto s/he doesn’t have image’s point in every animation. I did the same things but I think I missed a point.

Anyway now I did what you said and added image’s point in every animation and it seems working. Once again thank you so much.

Btw is there any way to add one image’s point to all animations in once ?

I don’t think so. You can only add points for all frames of a single animation. I started switching to single animations on some objects because of that. You can tell animations to stop or start at certain frames, so you technically can have multiple animation in one, for which you can then define points collectively.

Oh i got it thank you. Can you also tell me how can I tell animations to stop or start at certain frames or point to any tutorial about it ?