Problem with falling platforms

Hello everyone, it is me again, now my problem is with platforms, I want to add a falling platform when my player is on it, I tried with common collision but it only works when my player touchs the sides of the platform not when my player is on it, please help and thanks in advance

Double check the hitbox for the platform to make sure it extends to the top.

I am not using hit box for the platform is the one used from the behavior

I checked in my game and I’m still able to edit the hitbox for sprites with the platform behavior. However, I can’t do it for tiled sprites. Is your platform a tiled sprite?

thanks for the answer, is not tiled, the frames are pngs

If you are using the “Platformer” behavior then I believe it has some sort of optimizations where it’s not technically colliding with the ground when “is on floor” is true.
What I did to work around this was to add a “ray cast” condition against the platform type you care about from the feet of the player object to see if you are standing on that type of object. You may have to cast from the front and back edge of the player object to account for standing on an edge.

Could you maybe post a screen shot of the Events you’re using? I have a sprite called FallingPlatform and am using the collision Condition and it works when the player is on top of the platform.