Problem with force

hi my enemy doe

sn’t do what I tell him and I don’t know why

I can see your setting up the IA for your enemy, but it’s very difficult to understand what you’re exactly trying to do. I think we’re going to need more context.

What exactly are you trying to do? From what I see in your events, once “demon” collides with “newsprite”, every 5 seconds a timer is reset and a permanent force of 40 pixels will be added…every 5 seconds that force will be added (regardless of whether it is or is not in contact with another sprite because once activated it just relies on a timer that resets itself over and over again.You should pay attention to constant events and those with “trigger once”.
Another tip, be careful with the actions that have as conditions only the value of a timer, as far as I know, the system triggers the timers without the need for the action to start the timer, and that will cause the 5 second condition to be set to true in the first 5 seconds of your game.You can add an action that when “demon” makes contact with “newsprite”, then the action that “demon” object variable (eg “contact”) changes its value to 1. In the timer event , include as condition that the object variable “contact” of “demon” is = 1.

hello maybe you are right, imagine the colors arranged in a triangle, the enemy must follow the path

Yeah, but what’s the enemy doing?
What’s the problem?
It freezes?
It shakes?
It does half of the path?
What is happening?
We cannot see what you’re looking at.
Post a video or a screen capture and explain more in order to other users to be able to help you.

Just guessing, but I think you want something like this, right?


yes, only that when he is in the center he has to stop for 5 seconds and then start again

Do this:

hi , where could i have gone wrong?

I don’t know, what do you mean?