Problem with game pause

so in my game i have game pause with a pause menu/layer it pauses at the start but when the level starts moving(3 seconds in time ) i can no longer pause the menu/layer still pops up but the game still runs in the back ground, also my score timer still runs no matter when i pause, im still new to this and this is my first project explainations in simpler terms would be gratful

Create a variable at the beginning of the scene let’s say a scene variable or maybe a global variable and call it isGamePause = 0 if 0 = game is running and 1 = paused.

So in your event, always check if the variable isGamePause = 0, then run your events for pausing the game. Then for the resuming the game create a separated events and check if the variable isGamePause = 1, then run your events for resuming the game.

In short, you check the variable first before doing a resume/pause event.

You can also check GD examples for pausing a game. I used Endless Up Runner as reference for pausing and resuming a game.

this is the one i watched in the first place and whomes actions and conditions i coppied

You can download the project folder here. It would be great in solving your problem.

i just ended up creating a new scene when paused was hit while pausing the previouse screen i found it much easier thanks for all the help