Problem with making selection

I’m making selection for new game, load, etc. but I have problem with it. It just doesn’t move (like at all). Here are my events: Relevant part starts after Control of Selection comment.

It works if you put the “Move Object to a position” action in an “Always” condition event with a damping of 0:

This action is a bit inaccurate, and the object always will be “searching” the position moving slightly :neutral_face:
But you could make something like this (full example, accurate):

The function check if the distance between Object’s position and its destiny is <= 1 (I don’t use sqrt() because performance) :slight_smile:

Maybe you already know it, but note that this action center the object at that position (you will have not any problem if you place the Origin point at Centre)


//edit: Could you post text version of this expression you used for “perfect” moving? I fear if I’d try to copy it using eye-keyboard-hand method :wink: I might put it badly.

/edit: Also I want to only to modify Y position and did way I did because move object to position don’t have version for separate coordinates, only bulk one.

//edit #2: Nevermind. Got it working other way. Basically I check if value is between desired position and desired position +1 (with mix/max so I won’t have to have separate event for upward movement) to end “searching”. Might be pixel out, but it’s not huge deal.