Problem with - Move mouse while touching screen yes/no?

hi :slight_smile:
I have a problem
I want for player to be able to steer object (pane in this case) and to fire at the same time
now if I add action Move mouse while touching screen : NO
then pad for steering a plane is not working (it just goes up)

and if I set Move mouse while touching screen : YES
then it can not steer and shoot at the same time, they interfere

Look at using multitouch

but it did work on some old huawei phone, and a month ago. I dont get what has changed ? ( I m using Xiaomi now and gdvelop has been updated but still it should work)
should I set NO at the beginning of the scene ?
its too much work, that tutorial, I would have to do that manually for all 30 levels

Using the mouse cursor has always only worked for a single touch, I don’t know what else to tell you there.

As far as having to do it manually for all 30 levels, you shouldn’t be doing that. You should be setting up the events once as an external event sheet, then linking that external event sheet to whatever level needs them. External Events [GDevelop wiki]
You could also turn your controls into a function to make it only 1-2 events per sheet: Example of replacing external events by a function [GDevelop wiki]

ok, thank you
I will try
action Move mouse while touching screen : NO
should work ? I mean as a single touch
but it dosen’t