Problem with Platforms

Hi so most of the time when my character hits the edge of a platform it bugs out and will let me jump again. Sometimes it will teleport or even fly out of the screen. I have the option for ledges to be grabbed turned off. How can I fix this?

Here is an example of whats happening

Can you post a screenshot of your events?

Thank you.

There’s a lot of duplicated conditions.

You have ‘space key is pressed’ as a sub-condition of variable state = 1 and later on, you have state = 1 with space key is pressed doing 0 to variable state.

The value of variables is 0 by default if you have nothing entered in the field - you don’t need to do 0 to it at the beginning of the scene. That’s another condition that’s duplicated a lot, you really just need one and can put all the associated actions on the same line or under it.

I don’t know if this is what’s causing your issue, but I would rethink the order of events, clean up the duplicates, and try to organize them with comments and/or groups to make them easier to read.