Problem with PNGs

Hello everybody!
I’m facing issues with PNGs files: they look good in the editor but without alpha on the preview (here two screens)

There’s also another problem I’m having:
I placed a sprite on the external layout and every time I load the scene I make a “create objects from external layout”…That sprite image is same size of png file and is not animated but when It load it it’s like it move from a left bottom position to the actual position: see it in here

Thanks for the help

I can’t help with the second issue but with the first issue I think the problem might be because you have a very large image so GDdevelop is scaling it down in the most efficient way to make it appear instantly on the screen. If you scale it down in a paint program first, much closer to the size you need it, then load it back into GDevelop.

As far as I understand, the logic behind this is that when you scale down images in a paint program you might notice that sometimes there is a delay just as you apply the image scale down because the computer gets busy processing the scaling so you have to wait until it’s finished. Usually it’s only a second or two, but still there is a slight delay. But in GDevelop, it wants to avoid a delay so it does the scale down instantly for speed, so the quality is compromised. This means the visual quality of a scale down won’t look as good in GDevelop as it would if you scale it down first in a paint program. It doesn’t have to be exact but at least scale it down much closer to your required size. Then if you need to do further minor scaling in GD, it should look fine.

Thanks for your answer.
But the size is exactly the same as the image. That object is a tiled sprite with base size equal to the png size.
Also I tried adding a sprite with the first png image and replacing the tiled sprite: It than has the same “moving” problem.

I’m on win 10, lastest version of GD.
Waiting for anyone that can help me with those issues. Thanks a lot.

I found out is a problem with create object from external layout.
Adding them on the main scene make it looks good without issues.
Also the quality of the objects (also text) that are placed in the scene is good, but if I created them by events (both making “create object from external layout” and “create object”) the quality is poor:

But creating the object in the main scene events fixed the quality issue…
So I’m a little bit confused by the include events/external layout nesting …is right? is possible?

Any reason behind that?
How can should I optimize the game than?

Thanks a lot.

Because the object on the external layout are called more than once. All the texts and images are stacked and it give these effects.

The first on left, is in the scene, the middle and the right gradients are in a external layout, called Once.

How can this be fixed? Can you explain it?

Thanks Bouh!

When you call the action for create the external layout add the condition trigger once before.

I’ve tried it after you said the problem was the multiple call but it doesn’t fix the issue about the weird moving…

It sounds like a completely unrelated issue then and unfortunately I’m not experienced with many areas of GD. I don’t know much about External Layout myself. As far as the moving problem, just some wild guesses based on my limited experience which might be completely unrelated to your issue…
Did you try Anchoring the moving object using an Anchor behavior?
Did you try putting the moving object on it’s own Layer?
It seems the moving is happening during mouse over or clicking, have you been able to pinpoint which action causes the moving and are there any events there which refer to the X/Y position of the moving object?

There are no events that move those objects,
I tought Bouh was right in his guessing was right but adding the trigger once doesn’t fix it.

I’ve also checked on the debugger if it makes more instances of the object but there’s just one…

Can you send in a zip or rar file your image ?
Maybe the format is not correct.

Yeah I can upload a zip. But I’m confused because placing the sprite directly in the scene works fine…

Here the images I’m using.

Well my preview is correct in the app, the render is like in the editor.
And the object created from the external layout are good too.

How you launch the preview in your browser, in the app ?

In the app but I had the same problem also exporting it as html and loading trought wamp server.