Problem with removing the light

there is a video of the passage of 7 levels and there is one irreparable bug in any way. If a cube collides with a dark cube, by the condition it must remove the cube. If it collides with two at once, it removes the cube, but the shadow of the cube remains as if the cube remained. Because of this bug, the path search is buggy. The object stops where there is a shadow and there is no cube, although there is no obstacle by the condition.

Please try to reproduce the issue in a separate dummy scene.

Well yes. Something is wrong with these shadows


(The archive with pictures do not attach, well, somehow, so if anyone will check, let them insert their own)

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Do you have specific steps to reproduce the issue, or is it random?

In my case, after some count of removal of sprites

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It appears to be random. I’ve had it happen too. Sometimes it was after a few blocks were removed, other times it didn’t happen at all. I couldn’t spot an immediate pattern to the cause of it.


@HarsimranVirk @HarsimranVirk

Additional observation:
(There’s a difference: creating a level manually is not a removable shadow.)

But when you create a level manually:
(True, then there is another error with the light, if there is something in the upper left corner, but that’s another story)

For keep tracking on Github: Light obstacles persist when the object is deleted · Issue #2986 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

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