Problem with Shadow

A bit of a noob question; I’m having a problem with adding a cast shadow to my character.
My goal is to make a game with a material design feel, and one of the biggest ways to do that is to ad a cast shadow to characters and platforms. Someone told me to use Z-Order, which I tried, and (partially ) failed. I set the background/sky’s Z-Order to 0, the character’s to 2, and the shadow’s to 1. I don’t know how to attach the shadow and character to one another. Is there another way to make a material design shadow like in the picture? Thanks
1) M A T E R I A L.jpg

Assuming you only use fixed shadow objects then the described method should be perfectly sufficient. You can use the “linked objects” extension to interlink each object you want to cast shadows with their respective shadow object. If the object that casts a shadow moves then you need an event that continuously changes the shadows position to the position of the object.

Thanks. I’m more confused about actually making a shadow now.

The question is, do you have an image with the shadow rendered on it? or do you want to cast a shadow from the text computed in real-time?

For the first question, you will have a background image, a text object / sprite, and a shadow image pre-rendered, you just have to sort them through Z-Order.

For the second question, you could try to do it with lights and obstacles, but lights are available for native games only, and you should make multiple letter objects (sprites), each one with a custom collision mask, to work as light obstacles.