Problem with sound for Android

hello community,
I am new to the forum and I am creating my first game on this platform.
The problem is that associate a sound to an event in the browser works perfectly but when exported the proyect to Crosswalk for Android does not play the sound. I used the latest version of gdevelop (3.6.84) and Intel XDK (latest version too).
To make sure there was a problem of my game, I used one of the sample projects that come with the platform and have modified an event to add a sound, but the result was the same.

I have already done a thousand tests without result :frowning:

Anyone know why this happen?

thanks in advance

We have some problems with the sound under Android : see Help with sound buffering - #11 by NetDancer

I have some issue on the past. I have reads some articles about this. Not all .wav files are recognised by some android devices. This caused by the format of audio file. Some of 32-bit .wav file are failed to play on android devices. To fix this please follow this step (I am using udacity on here) :

  1. Open your audio file using Audacity (you can get it here ).
  2. Change the properties of the .wav audio

  1. Choose 16-bit PCM (this audio format compatible on almost android devices)
  2. Export audio, File>Export Audio (choose your export format)

I wish this can help you solve your problem :slight_smile: