Problem with the light

Hi, I have a problem with the light.

This is the game before launching the preview and the second one after that.
Why the light, in the preview is darker? I only tried to add a new object “light” to see what was it. I placed it and after I saw, i deleted it and now the light is darker than normal. Before doing it the brightness of the preview was the same you can see in the first photo but after doing it, is different. I saved and restarted GDevelop cause i thought it was a bug but nothing solved. Can someone help me fixing this fricking light please?
A comparison between the edit-mode and the preview:

Howdy! I think I understand.

The problem is that creating a light object also creates a light layer. I believe light objects merely change the opacity of an area on the light layer, so that’s how that should work. Methinks…
Anyways, to fix it, go to the layer editor (somewhere top-right) and delete the light layer, it should be the topmost one.



No, don’t delete the light layer, that can affect the light object and the way it behaves/works. Change the ambient light colour of the light layer (bottom right):

I agree, except the OP is saying they were only testing the lighting layer/objectives.

If they are no longer needing them they can remove the light layer with no ill effects.


Heh, skim reading has it’s drawbacks :smiley:

Thanks, I’ll do that!