Problem With Unit Movement (RTS)

Heyo! So I’m working on a small scale RTS, since I lack creativity to write a story for any other kind of game. My problem goes as follows:

My unit movement system is *supposed to be when I click somewhere, a target object is created, the unit moves toward that target object, once the unit touches that object, the object is deleted and the unit stops moving. That’s all well and good, works as expected. The problem is if I click again, the first target object is still there and a new one is created, and the unit has no clue what to do and just flies off into space. I’m trying to make it so if I click again to create a new target object, the first one will be deleted, so that the unit doesn’t turn fly off anymore. Here’s how my event is set up.

I’m sure it’s super simple and I’ve just missed something, but nonetheless any help would be highly appreciated! Cheers! :slight_smile:

Nevermind, solved it!