Problems with animation

Hi, I currently have two problems with my game and I do not know how to fix them

The first one is hard to explain, but I will try:
So the problem is that, after the timer has been paused, and the animation changed to “Idle Right”, the other animations will not/only work if the button is held, and will be returned to “Idle Right” when released.

(Note that this problem only appears after the timer has been paused, and it works perfectly before the c button is pressed)

In your first event, also reset the timer. Otherwise it is paused but still greater than 2 seconds, meaning the event conditions are still true.

And you only gave one problem you had. You mentioned there were two :smiley:

Ah ok.
The other one is that one of my spawnpoints won’t work, despite it being the exact same as the other ones (apart from the name), and those work just fine.

(Spawnpoint_3 works, Spawnpoint_4 dosen’t

Make sure the spelling is correct (GDevelop is case sensitive), and that the point is on the scene. You could also run preview in debug mode and check that Boil_Sign is being created.