Problems with cross platform game

Hi Folks,
I’m having some problems with creating a cross platform game (native + html5).
I have activated both platforms and only use those extensions that are available for native and html5 games. For debugging purposes I usually use the native preview, there everything works as it should. For testing I recently exported the project as html5 but I found some problems:

  • The Keyboard doesn’t work in all situations. I can skip the intro with any key press but after that none of the specific keys work ingame anymore. (tested with Firefox41 and IE11)
  • Some Sprites are not drawn. The game I’m working on is a turnbased strategy game with tilebased movent. When a unit is selected a precalculated path is drawn from the unit towards the mousecursor. The path consists of sprites with a Z value above the map sprites. These path markers are not visible at all in html5. (using unindexed PNGs)

Is there a bug or are there some further things to respect apart from available extensions when working on a html5 game?
In my native exports everything is ok.

I have checked the “Pathfinding” example and there I found the same problem in opposite direction. When running the example as html5 the path is drawn as small dots. When run as native there is no path visible at all.
Could you check if it is the same for you?
I start thinking this could be a bug.