Problems with dialog engine

I have this dialog engine in my game and no matter what I try, it just can’t show anything beyond 1st message.

The debug text when it runs shows (in that order): if message has ended, value of timer counting delay between messages and value of timer counting delay between letters.

For some reason message delayer just don’t start.

Here is zipped project:

Nothing really? I’ll just post events then:

It’s hard to understand the code of another person. And it’s harder when it’s devoid of any comment, with little explainations about what do what.

From what I understood from your screenshot, the event 3 is suspicious. I’m pretty sure it fires endlessly, reseting endlessly the message delayer, unabling the next events.
Make sure your events fire one time only, especially if they contain an incrementation and/or a chronometer reset.

For those cases, I use a scene variable, that I increment manually at each step of the routine. It’s more human-understandable, and easier to pinpoint what’s wrong.
Ex : dialogStep = 1 → display background, 2 → display text, 3 → end of wait or user input, 4 → erase dialog text, 5-> erase background, 9 → end of dialog routine, 0-> ignore all dialog-related events.
With this, all you have to do is putting a “if dialogStep > 0” at the begining of your dialog event page, and enable the dialog routine with a dialogStep = 1 as action in any scene’s event page.

But I still think an xml file would be far more easier to handle in a game with lots of dialogs. You won’t need GD to modify it (spellcheck and rereading with notepad), and you can still crypt it with AES when not in use. That’s how professionnal games are made anyway: the texts are separate from the code, just like graphics and sounds.

You may be right :slight_smile:. Thanks. Also word is disabling, not unabling (had with this problem as well when I was starting to Learn english)

//edit: Thanks, it works!