Problems with Firebase Authentication

I’m trying the Firebase Authentication with google login, but it doesn’t work.
It opens the familiar browser window, but it remains white for >10 seconds. Then I can choose my account, it’s loading for a few seconds again and then it closes. These waiting times are not normal and I am not logged in. In other browsers the window always remains empty or is closed immediately.

I added the apiKey to GD
I have activated the “Sign-in method” in Firebase
I host it on itchio
Remote Config and Cloud works


“You can set basic user data, and get it back later. This user data can be the email, password, phone number, display name, photo url, etc.”
“Firebase provides you a handy user ID that links your user to his data. Everything related to this user should be stored with this ID”

There is no “Set phone number” action and no “Get” actions or expressions. How do I get the saved display name, ID, etc.?

Could I have the link to see if I can find out what is going on?

There do are some expressions: image

Indeed, this needs to be added. I added it to my todo list:

The url of the login window reveals my apiKey and there is an “appName = [DEFAULT]” Is that normal?

I’m a little confused, I was expecting the expressions for “string of a scene varibale”. Idk… how can I output the display-name in a text object?

It seems you have not authorized the domain from which your game is hosted to authenticate. Always make sure to check all callback variables to be aware of any error.


Okay now I get:
“Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to the Google Cloud Storage object.”

Did you update the game on itch? I still get the same error message. Where is this one coming from? Also, by seeing your prior edits, it seems you misunderstood how to authorize a website, this happens on the console not on the firebase configuration.

Yey now it works! Thanks!

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I want to create a field in an existing cloud firestore document
but with it, the “Write a field” action deletes all already existing fields :thinking:

Make sure you have put the option “Merge Document” to merge the change with the existing document.

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